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Lake Cumberland Run/Walk Series

Lake Cumberland Runners Pulaski County, KY 42503 US

Race Series Rules

Lake Cumberland Run/Walk Series is a wellness initiative developed by Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in cooperation with local businesses and lifestyle groups to make our community healthier. Lake Cumberland Run/Walk Series promotes community health by promoting walking/running event in Pulaski County. The events offer an opportunity for all to engage in challenges varying in distances from 1 Mile runs, 5ks to a half marathon. Race points are earned and totaled at the end of the race series for participation and competitive achievements. All races help fund nonprofit and community organizations which in turn support the needs of the community

How do you join Lake Cumberland Run/Walk Series?
There is no cost to enter the Run/Walk Series. You simply participate in one of the Lake Cumberland Run/Walk Series “LIVE IN PERSON” races and you will automatically be entered. Participants can be entered as an individual and also be on a team.  The 2023 Race Series will only include “LIVE IN PERSON EVENTS”. No virtual participation will count towards series points.

Enter as an Individual
You will automatically be entered in the Series if you participate in any of the races. It doesn’t matter if you participate in one race or all of them. Just show up, complete the race, and have fun!

Enter as a Team
To participate in the Lake Cumberland Run/Walk Series as a team, you simply enter your team name on the registration form at each race. All members register separately. Individual team members must enter the name of the team on the registration form to be included as a team member.

A team must have at least five (5) participants per race. There is no limit on the number of team members. The team can be made up of friends, family, co-workers, or any other combination. You can have a large team with 100 members or a small team of only 5 members. Regardless, EVERY team who finishes will earn at least one (1) point towards the year end awards.

How does the Point System work?
After the completion of a race, the race director uploads all results to the Lake Cumberland Run/Walk Series website. Once points are uploaded, you have one (1) week to contest the points. Each participant must run at least >50% of the races for their points to count toward the year end awards. Each participant may run as many races as he/she want but only their best 7 races will count toward the competitive point system. In case of a tie, the 8th race will be considered and so on.

Please use the same name each time you register for a race. If you register as “Robert Jones” in one race and “Bob Jones” in another race, the computer will consider this two different people.

Age Divisions
The age divisions will be as follows – 10 & Under; 11-14; 15-19; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; and 70 and Over.

You will register in the age division according to your age on December 31, 2024. For example, if your birthday is 12/30 and you will be 30 years old on that day, you will be registered for the 30-39 age division even though you were 29 most of the year.

How many points can I earn?
Each age group will be awarded points as follows:

1st place – 10 points   6th place – 5 points
2nd place – 9 points    7th place – 4 points
3rd place – 8 points     8th place – 3 points
4th place – 7 points     9th place – 2 points
5th place – 6 points    10th place thru infinity – 1 point

If a person in an age division is awarded an overall medal, that person will get the points of 1st place in his/her age division. The person in that age division who received the 1st place medal will get points for 2nd place and so on. Example – John Doe, age 21, won overall male with a time of 15 minutes and received the medal for overall male. Joe Smith, age 21, was awarded the 1st place medal in the age division with a time of 16 minutes. When the points are listed for their age division, 20-29, John Doe will have 10 points and Joe Smith will be awarded the 2nd place points of 9 points and so on through the age division.

Team Points
Teams must consist of at least 5 people per race. You must be registered for the team before the start of the race. It is your responsibility to know your correct team name. After the race starts, there will be no changes. You do not have to be on the same team for all the races but you can only be on one team per race.

Teams scoring will compare the fastest 5 finisher of each team. The team with the lowest average time will be awarded 1st place, then the next fastest 2nd place, and so on. Season long points will be assigned as follows:

1st place team– 10 points      6th place team – 5 points
2nd place team – 9 points     7th place team – 4 points
3rd place team – 8 points      8th place team – 3 points
4th place team – 7 points      9th place team – 2 points
5th place team – 6 points      10th place team - 1 point

How Do I Earn an Award?

Individual Participation Awards will be earned as follows:
• BRONZE: Those who participate in >40% or more races will be invited to the year-end celebration and receive a certificate
• SILVER: Those who participate in >50% or more races will receive the previous and a Item to be named Later!
• GOLD: Those who participate in >60 or more races will receive the previous and a Dry fit race series shirt
• PLATINUM: Those who participate in all races will receive the previous and a upgraded race pullover

Individual Competitive Age Group Awards:
• The top three in each age group will be recognized and receive a cool Winner’s medal

Team Awards:
• Year end awards will be given to the top 3 teams overall.

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